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1. Foundational Vipassana (2023-24)

Ven Losang Gendun
Ven. Gendun
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About This Course

Welcome to the first year of the In-Depth Meditation Training!

This first year will visit the following topics:

  • Shamatha as a path to overcoming the five hindrances
  • Insight meditation as the application of the seven enlightenment factors to the four close placements of mindfulness,
  • Application of Buddhist psychology (mind and mental factors) to meditation and daily life
  • Training in both bare awareness and mindfulness with analysis and investigation
  • Meditation on the twelve links of dependent origination
  • Introduction to the seven stages of purification in Theravada
  • Exploring the relation between our conditioned nature and potential to become enlightened
  • Mindfulness of the qualities of the Buddha as a perspective on ourselves and our relation with the Buddha
  • Setting up a motivation; harnessing the power of our intentionality
  • Exploring the relation between right view, wholesome emotions, and our sense of agency
  • Meditation on the four brahmavihara’s and the relations between them
  • Generating the mind of definite emergence as a balanced awareness of our precious human life being in the nature of samsara
  • The supportive role of the arhat ideal in meditation, as a precursor to the bodhisattva ideal

For a full description of the four year program, take a look at the IDMT program page.

Learning Objectives

How to setup a shamatha practice
How to develop vipassanā by way of the seven enlightenment factors
How to deepen your faith by applying insight to motivation
How to use Lamrim reflections to develop your faith, aspiration, and effort


15 Lessons

Welcome: Materials and Instructions

Welcome to the In-Depth Meditation Training Learning Center! Below you will be able to find instructions with regard to the website, the course, and all the necessary materials. When there are updates and/or new materials, you will be able to find them here.
Materials Foundational Vipassana

Term 1

September - november 2023

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